A chance 4 Jasmine
Jasmine’s Treatment


   They have offered her treatment for FREE, which as you can imagine is a massive relief, but everything else has to be funded. We, as Jasmines parents, will find the money, but we really could do with your support.


    Jasmines initial stay is for a 3 month intensive course of treatment (exactly what the treatment consists of, as yet we do not know). During this time she will not always be required to be at the hospital, so accommodation will be required along with airfares, food,toiletries and general everyday living expenses. The money for all these things has to be found and it is a worry.


   After the initial 3 month course is over Jasmine will be required to travel back to America to the hospital once every month for a week so that they can give her more treatment.This will be required for at least 1 year after initial treatment. So you can see that this is a long term treatment regime.The cost of which has to be met for Jasmine.


    Treatment will begin on the 29th of November 2010. Jasmine will be attending  The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Washington DC. This facility is a centre of excellence, specialising in oncology. Jasmine will be one of only twelve patients attending this trial from around the world. In addition to this, Jasmine will be the first UK citizen to participate in this trial.


    We have been informed that in addition to the initial 12 weeks of treatment, Jasmine will need follow up evaluations at 8 week intervals for the next five years. Yet again, this we require funding on our behalf.

The NIH Research Centre in Bethesda, Maryland where Jasmine recieves her treatment in America.